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Panasonic Phone Systems

At Infiniti, we offer more than just everyday low pricing on new and used Panasonic telephone systems. Every Infiniti Panasonic telephone solution is backed by Australia’s only 100% Money Back Guarantee…so you can buy from us with complete confidence.

No matter what size your company is – we’ve got the Panasonic phone system to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a cheap and basic Panasonic phone system or a complex multi site VoIP network - we can help.
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Our experienced, nationwide team provides the ultimate in expert advice and technical support, including:

  • Free, same day quote
  • Hassle free installation
  • Local, 24 hour support
  • Professional staff training
  • Easy finance options         

Choose a Panasonic phone system for your business size:

Micro Business Panasonic TDA 30 phone system (1-4 staff)

Panasonic TDA30 Phone System  

A user friendly and inexpensive option
With a reputation for quality and reliability, Panasonic TDA30 phone systems are also incredibly easy to use. The time-saving navigator keys and large easy-to-read display on the handsets make this one of our most popular phone systems. Learn more…

Small Business Panasonic TDA 30 phone system (5-14 staff)

Panasonic TDA30 Phone System  

Affordable, easy to use and reliable
The Panasonic TDA telephone simple is easy set up and use straight out of the box – and doesn’t require a degree to figure out! With the capacity for up to 12 phone lines and VoIP compatibility, it’s also ready for your business future. Learn more…

Medium Business Panasonic TDA 100 phone system (15-60 staff)
Panasonic TDA200 Phone System  

Straightforward, basic option
With a navigation key to access all the most used functions, the Panasonic TDA 100 pabx system is easy to use – no matter how technologically illiterate you are. When your business is ready for VoIP technology, it can take you there. Learn more…

Corporate Business Panasonic TDA 200 phone system (61+ staff)

Panasonic TDA30 Phone System  

Efficient, flexible and ergonomically designed
The Panasonic TDA 200 phone system is a fantastic basic solution, with incredibly user friendly functions that you’ll learn in minutes. It’s also VoIP compatible, easy to expand and has a strong reputation for quality. Learn more…

Infiniti make buying Panasonic phone systems straightforward

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